• Rodney Pry

A Checklist For Sunday School Teachers

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

  1. Are you faithful in attendance, rain or shine?

  2. Do you arrive at least fifteen minutes before school opens to talk to your pupils?

  3. Do you sit with your class during opening worship, or otherwise take part?

  4. Do you mark records promptly, getting them to the secretary without class interruption? Or better, do you leave these details to a secretary?

  5. Do you have a clear overall view of the entire quarter’s lessons?

  6. Can you put into one brief sentence your teaching aim for each Sunday?

  7. Do your pupils understand that the lesson is from the Bible, not a lesson booklet?

  8. Do you use a vocabulary your pupils understand?

  9. Do you ask questions and encourage your pupils to participate?

  10. Do you start preparation of next week’s lesson on Monday of each week?

  11. If something funny happens in class, do you join in the laughter and then use the incident to get back into the lesson?

  12. Can you put a talkative pupil in his place without resentment?

  13. Do you send birthday cards, Christmas cards and get well cards to your pupils?

  14. Do you know the hobbies and heartaches of each of your pupils?

  15. Do you call at the homes of each of your pupils at least once a year, and do you call immediately on a pupil being absent two successive Sundays?

  16. Do you pray daily for your pupils and the department?

  17. Before teaching, do you refer to a Bible map so that you know the geographical details concerning the lesson?

  18. Do you constantly seek teaching improvement, such as good books, conferences, and other teacher training?

  19. Are you positive that each of your pupils knows the Way of Salvation?

  20. Do you attend class, departmental and entire school fellowship events and activities?

  21. Are you faithful in attendance at worship services and midweek activities?

  22. Do you vary your teaching methods so that your pupils are not sure of what you might do next?

  23. Is your Christian life clean and exemplary in that you are not doing things you would be ashamed for your pupils to know about?

  24. Do you evaluate your work and analyze pupil reaction each week, noting mistakes and successful results?

  25. When you get discouraged and are ready to give up the class, do you go to the Lord for His encouragement and strength?

  26. Are you pleased with your answers to these questions?

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