“Are You Smarter Than A Sunday School 5th Grader? Bible Quiz Placemats #2

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Here is a great addition to the place setting of your next church or group meal - our "Are You Smarter Than A Sunday School 5th Grader" Bible Quiz Placemats. They're fun, educational and they are a great conversation starter about the Bible and Sunday school! To see the list of questions on this placemat, click on the "detailed description."  


Our original Bible Quiz Placemats have been so popular that we have had many requests for a new placemat with new and different questions. Well, here it is! These paper placemats have 20 different Bible trivia questions that persons of all ages will find fun and educational. Placemats are printed in maroon ink on heavy weight 11" x 17" ivory paper. Placemats come in packs of 25. 

“Are You Smarter Than A Sunday School 5th Grader?" Bible Quiz Placemats #2 (25)

SKU: 820