“Celebrate Sunday School” Little Treat Message Packs
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Do the members of your church and community remember to attend Sunday school? Our "Little Treat Message Packs" are designed to give each recipient a gentle reminder. What are "Little Treat Message Packs?" They are small sealed plastic packets that contain a colorful Sunday school message card and a piece of individually wrapped candy. The message on the front of the card is listed above. The back of the card (printed in black ink) contains a brief "Don't Forget Sunday School" message. The message found on the back of each card is printed below. When ordering, you can choose the type of candy you wish to be included with each of the "Little Treat Packs." The choices include: Peppermint "Starlite" Mints, Chocolate "Tootsie Rolls," "Assorted Fruit Flavored "Tootsie Rolls," "Smarties" Roll Candies, "Dum Dum" Lollipops, and a General Assortment of hard candies, "Tootsie Rolls" and "Smarties."


The following is the "Don't Forget Sunday School" message found on the back of each "Little Treat Message Pack" message card...


      “Don't Forget Sunday School!
      Everyone forgets something from time to time. But, there's one thing that you should never forget - Sunday School! Why is Sunday School important?
      First, it's where all persons of all ages can learn more about God, the Bible and His will for their lives.
      Second, it's important because of how you study the Bible - in a relaxed setting where yu can ask questions, discuss and share personal concerns and insights.
      Third, Sunday school is important because it is "age specific." Persons are taught according to their age, interests, education, etc.
      Fourth, it is important because of the opportunities for fellowship that it provides.
      And, fifth, Sunday school is important because of the opportunities for service to both God and others that it provides.
      Yes, Sunday school is as important today as ever! So, please remember to join us in Sunday school this week and every week.”

“Celebrate Sunday School” Little Treat Message Packs

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