“Come Explore The Bible In Sunday School” Tract

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Why is Sunday school important? Its primary purpose is to help people learn about God's Word - the Bible - and how to apply it to their day-to-day lives. This little tract includes an invitation for the reader to "Come Explore the Bible!" The tract includes some interesting facts about the Bible and reasons why all persons of all ages should read and study their Bible each day. The tract also include space where you can write in your church name, address and the time of your services.




Come... Explore The Bible!


Here are a few interesting facts that you might not know about the Bible...


- The Bible is the world's best seller; 72,000 Bibles are sold each day.


- The Bible is stolen more than any other book.


- There are 783,137 words in the King James Bible.


- The word "and" appears 46,277 times in the King James Bible.


- The longest chapter in the bible is Psalm 119, with 176 verses.


- The word "Bible" comes from the Greek word "biblos" and means "book."


But, an even more important fact about the Bible is that is is God's Holy Word! It is a love letter written by God to you.


By reading the Bible you can learn what's right and what's wrong. You find examples of people who followed God and those who rejected His leading. And, you learn about jesus Christ, His life, the messages he taught and the Way of Salvation that is available through Him.


The Bible is our "handbook for life." It is our guide for day-to-day living. And, it is as important and relevant today as ever.


But, even in modern translation versions, the Bible is quite often difficult to understand and it can often be hard to find passages that directly relate to the problems and concerns of the reader.


That's why it is also very important for everyone to be involved in a good Bible study group or Sunday school class.


The Bible is truly the greatest book ever written and it can provide the greatest possible help and guidance for every person of every age. But, for the Bible to really be the personal guide for your life, you must read it and study it!


So, won't you please join us as together we explore the Bible? There something good waiting for YOU!





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“Come Explore The Bible In Sunday School” Tract

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