“Sunday School…Make It Your Choice For Life” Tract

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Sunday school is important for all persons of all ages. This Sunday school tract contains brief stories that people of many different ages have told us about their love for Sunday school...reasons why everyone should attend Sunday school each week.




Sunday School means different things to different people of every ages.


Here is what a few people have said about Sunday school:


Becky (age 5) - "I like Sunday school. I like my Sunday school teacher. She reads us stories about Jesus. I learn that Jesus loves me. We play games and sing songs and make things and have lots of fun. I wish I could go to Sunday school every day."


Jason (age 9) - "We learn lots of things in Sunday school. This year I've learned all of the books of the Bible and the Ten Commandments. My teacher makes learning fun. Sometimes she gives us a small prize when we memorize the weekly Bible verse. I invited one of my friends to come with me to Sunday school. He thinks it's neat, too."


Carla (age 13) - "Sunday school has helped me learn that being a Christian is really 'cool.' Not all my friends at school go to church. I've learned that I don't have to be ashamed of Jesus and the things I know he wants me to do. I have lots of good friends in Sunday school, too."


Tim (age 17) - "The peer pressure that teenagers face in high school today is sometimes unbelievable. But, in Sunday school, I've learned what's right and what is wrong. I've learned that the Bible is my personal guide and has answers to all the questions I have about life and how I should live. When I don't understand a Bible passage, we talk about it in Sunday school and our teacher helps me understand what it means and how to apply it to my life. Knowing what the Bible says and how to use it helps you be ready to do the right thing when you face pressures to drink or smoke or do drugs and stuff."


Jerry (age 20) - "I'm a college student. Since I'm away from home I don't always get to Sunday school every week. I do try to go to Sunday school at a real friendly church near campus, when I can. Even though I'm not at home anymore, it makes me feel good to know that the teacheer of the college-age Sunday school class and the other people of my Sunday school haven't forgotten me. The often send me cards and 'care packages.' Knowing they care about me and are praying for me helps me overcome the homesickness and not drift away from God and His love."


Lisa (age 24) - "I guess you'd call me a newly wed. Bill and I have been married for about 18 months. I just learned that I'm expecting our first child. Every since Bill and I were married we've been attending Sunday school every week. We think it's important to build our new home on a Christian foundation. We try to have a time of Bible reading and prayer together every day, too. Sure, we have our problems and questions. But, we are very thankful for our Sunday school class of other young couples who can help us answer those questions and share their experiences with us."


Carl (age 30) - "I will admit that I haven't always gone to Sunday school. but since we now have two shall children, we thought it was important to have them attend Sunday school. The first several weeks I just took the kids and dropped them off at the church. But then a very nice couple from the church came to visit us and invited my wife and me to come to Sunday school, too. They explained to us that knowing what the Bible was all about was important to every person of every age. We've been attending now for several months and we both enjoy it very much. I find it very helpful and refreshing to start each week learning more about Jesus and how he wants us to live."


Mary (age 36) - "I'm single mother. I've been divorced for just a little over a year. After my husband left me, many of the people who were 'our' friends were no longer willing to be 'my' friend. Thank God for my Sunday school class. All through my problems they have been really supportive and loving. Seveal pers within the class have become very special friends. I get together with them often for a cup of coffee, just to talk. Last week I received a card from one of the other persons in my class. It just said, 'Thinking of and praying for you." When I read the card I started to cry. It's really great to know someone loves and cares about you."


Tom (age 45) - "Is a person ever too old to attend Sunday school? Even through I'm only middle-aged, I got to thinking that I really didn't need to go to Sunday school. Then I lost my job and went through a sort of 'mid-life crisis.' It made me realize that everyone of every age needs God. It you need God, you need His Word. If you want to learn about His Word, you need to go to Sunday school. I never cease to be amazed at how God helps me get that special message He knows I need each week."


Sylvia (age 55) - "I've been a Sunday school teacher for over 30 years. Some people who have taught for so long would probably be tired and ready to quit, but I love it! The children I teach keep me young! I love the challenge of creating new and exciting lessons that the children will find interesting. Through the years I've led many of the children in our church to the Lord within my Sunday school class. That makes me feel very good! Knowing that the Lord can still use me in his work, through the Sunday school, also makes me feel good. I'm very thankful for the Sunday school and I'll continue to work for it for as long as I can."


Luther (age 67) - "I retired about 2 years ago. I've always been a very active person. Right after I retired I felt rather useless. I didn't know what to do. I just sat around the house. One Sunday we got to talking in our Sunday school class and I discovered that I wasn't the only person who felt that way. So we decided to do something about it. We're now going around in the community doing odd jobs for the needy, the shut-ins and other senior citizens who aren't able to do some things for themselves. Sunday school has helped me find a renewed purpose for my life."


Sunday school is for everyone! Whatever your age, it should be for you, too. We invite you to attend Sunday school this week and every week!


The Bible tells us, "Call together all the men, women, and children...so that everyone may hear God's Word...and learn to obey his teachings faithfully." (Deut. 31:12)


Sunday school...it is...A Choice For Life! Make it YOUR Choice, too!


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“Sunday School…Make It Your Choice For Life” Tract

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