“Why Is Sunday School Important?” Tract

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Why is Sunday school important? This small tract contains a list of 33 reasons why Sunday school is important and why all persons of all ages should be in Sunday school each week. 




Here are 33 reasons why YOU and YOUR FAMILY should see Sunday school as important and why YOU should attend Sunday school each week...

- Its primary purpose is to teach all persons of all ages about God, the Bible and God's will for our lives.

- It fills the spiritual needs that all people have.

- Through it, God's will is being done.

- It helps all people grow closer to Jesus Christ.

- It shows us examples and models for a Christian life.

- It shows us God's will for each of our lives.

- God's Word is being studied and taught.

- It helps people find answers to specific problems, needs & concerns.

- It gets people thinking.

- It helps people find strength to meet temptation.

- It challenges people to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

- It encourages people to share God's love.

- It calls people to service to God and others.

- It helps people develop closer personal Christian relationships with others.

- People are taught according to their age, ability, education and interests.

- Through it, God's work is being done.

- It has the goal of developing true disciples for Jesus Christ.

- It is enjoyable and fun (or should be).

- It helps people find their truest friend, Jesus Christ.

- It helps develop Christian leadership skills.

- It calls people to Christian accountability.

- It is the teaching arm of the church.

- It allows students to really "dig in" to God's Word as they ask questions, discuss and share personal insights and experiences.

- It is held on the Lord's Day, a Holy Day we should strive to keep holy.

- All persons need to know what the Bible - our "handbook for life" - says for them.

- It helps people of all ages put Biblical teaching into their hearts.

- It calls people to put classroom lessons into action in their day-to-day lives.

- It encourages people to witness and reach out to others.

- It helps people develop Christian and moral character.

- It helps lay a spiritual foundation in the lives of children and youth by helping them learn important Bible lessons for their lives.

- It challenges all persons of all ages to accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.

- It brings entire families together into a learning environment that can be carried on through the week in their homes.

- Each person's life, family, marriage, etc. needs to be based on Jesus Christ and the Bible. 

“Why Is Sunday School Important?” Tract

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